Cleaning leather sofa with home methods
In the furniture market, one of the most popular types is leather sofa. Many people are very interested in buying leather furniture. Leather furniture needs to be thoroughly cleaned after some time of use to return to its original quality to some extent. You can clean the upholstery of your furniture in a few simple steps without damaging it. In this article, we have examined the methods of cleaning leather furniture.

Wrong things when cleaning a leather sofa
First, let's look at some of the things that people do to clean their leather sofas that are completely wrong; This is because not only does this not help clean the leather sofa, but it can also damage it. These wrongs are:
Use soap and shampoo
To clean a leather sofa, many people mix some different detergents such as shampoo, soap, and water with water and wipe their leather sofa with a towel! This combination not only does not clean the leather sofa, but also destroys the leather cover of the sofa in the long run.
Leather sofa wax should be used to clean the leather sofa. With the help of this wax, you can easily remove any dirt from the leather cover of your sofa.

Use bleach
The next mistake people make when cleaning a leather sofa is to use bleach or Vitex. Due to its high cleaning power, this material unfortunately causes severe damage to the color of your leather!
Cleaning leather sofa with household detergents
At home, you can easily make a great stain remover and cleaner for your leather sofa by combining the following materials. These ingredients are:

Combine lemon juice and tar paste
Prepare a container and pour as much lemon juice as you want into it. Next, you should use the same amount of lemon juice or tar paste as you poured lemon juice into the container. The amount and volume of materials depends entirely on the amount of leather surface of your sofa.
After mixing these ingredients together, a dough is obtained. Take some of this paste and gently rub it on your leather sofa. Wait for about 12 minutes and then dampen a cloth towel and use it to clean the leather sofa.
Combine vinegar, water and olive oil

Another cleansing ingredient for leather sofas is a combination of water, vinegar and some olive oil. Pour as much water as you want into a bowl and pour equal proportions of vinegar. Then add a very small amount of olive oil to this mixture. Finally, clean the surface of your leather sofa with a towel.
In this article, you will get acquainted with easy home methods for cleaning leather sofas. You can use a mixture of lemon juice and tar paste or a combination of water, vinegar and olive oil to remove dirt from your leather sofa and clean it.